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March Agenda, Feb. Minutes

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De Baca Local Collaborative Meeting

Monday, March 16, 2009


 12:00pm Welcome & Introductions 
12:05pm Minutes from February 16, 2009 meeting 
12:10pm Old Business
Telemedicine & Crisis Intervention Training Update
Legislative Priorities
Letter of Readiness/LC 10 Functioning
12:40pm New Business
ENMU Bridging for Meetings
12:50pm Other
BHPC Update
CAT Update
1:00pm Meeting Adjournment 


Feb. Minutes

De Baca local Collaborative Meeting

Monday, February 16, 2009
Courthouse Annex Meeting Room 

Members present were Jesse Chavez, CAT Team; Loretta Turnbow, MHR; Paul Gauna, Mary Ryan, Lee Ann Weber, Clora Hamon, Kathy Mickle, Marsha Webb, Rogi, Brenda Yarbrough, Family Member/BHPC; Zack Yarbrough, Hailey Crocker, Amanda Crocker, Emory Crawford, Consortium; Gail Hinderliter, Consortium; Bill Martin, ENMU, Gloria Salas, Lisa Walraven, LC 10 Coordinator, Cheryl Butterfield, De Baca Health Council (12:45pm) and Marcia Prophet, HSD (1:00pm).  

Emory Crawford called the meeting order with introductions.  

The minutes from the January 23, 2009 meeting were reviewed. Brenda Yarbrough moved to accept the minutes. Loretta Turnbow seconded. Motion passed. 

Old Business- 

Local Collaborative Assessment Tool- Jesse Chavez stated that this item would be tabled as Marcia Prophet is not at the meeting. 

Telemedicine/Crisis Intervention Training- Telemedicine-Brenda reported that she sent the letter to the De Baca Family Practice Clinic with LC 10 input for telemedicine. Emory will follow up with Dusti Scoffield. Crisis Intervention-Lisa reported that Alida is working to get the Crisis Intervention training in Fort Sumner, but must have 15-20 participants for the four hour free training. Alida will be talking to the mayor and EMS in Fort Sumner. If not enough responders would have to travel to Quay County. Alida is looking toward middle of March for training. Emory added that training is expensive and often hard for first responders to get out of town to attend trainings.  

Crisis Fund Update- It was reported that we are waiting to hear from other counties. Rogi still willing to look for grants if there is a possibility of funding for transportation for her. 

Legislative Priorities- Jesse reported process for the Legislative priorities would be sent out in March. One person would be responsible for inputting data. 

New Business- 

February Core Group- Jesse reported that it discovered this morning that all county chairs will be in attendance at the Regional Drug and Alcohol Substance (Consortium) on the same date as the February core meeting. The county chairs are all sit on the board for the Consortium. Harding and Quay counties were polled and both are okay with cancelling the February LC 10 Core group meeting. Brenda addressed that she has concerns with providers being the chairs for local collaboratives. Rogi feels monthly meetings are important, adding rural areas have important feedback to get to State level. She said consumers have different feedback from professionals. Rogi added communication is important and would be willing work on a list serve, like yahoo and create a blog, need e-mail addresses needed for list serve. Lisa reported that she only blind carbon copies e-mails due to some had asked to be private. She will send out to group to see who wants public or private mail. Rogi added she had sent a letter out that she wanted to go to group and it was not done. Lisa reported that Jesse said to go through county chairs and had not received response from Emory. It was decided no need for meeting by group in February. Rogi will work on blog and Lisa will find out who wants addresses public. 

Letter of Readiness/LC 10 Functioning- Jesse reported that according to letter of readiness each county had one vote. No consumer involvement at first and now there is more involvement by consumers. He reported collaboratives need to review the letter of readiness and think about by-laws. He added that most collaboratives piggybacked of health councils at first. There was round table discussion that the letter was to redesign the way behavioral health was viewed. Emory suggested that Brenda and Rogi be on a subcommittee with the other counties to work on by-laws and consumer attendance and involvement. Brenda feels stipends will help get consumers at meetings. Emory added possibly helping with recruitment in other counties. Lisa will check with Quay County to see if the need help in flyers, etc. for their monthly meeting. Emory suggested adding this item to the agenda for the next core group meeting. 

Health Fair/Promotional Items-Amanda Crocker asked when the Health Fair is. Cheryl Butterfield reported that it will be held on March 27, 2009 from 8:00am-1:00pm at the PIT. Lisa said that she would like to order first responder tip sheets to hand out at the LC 10 booth. The group agreed to the tip sheets for the Health Fair. Brenda asked about Amanda helping at the booth again. Rogi moved that Amanda help at the booth for $10 per hour. Kathy seconded. Motion passed. 


BHPC Update- Brenda reported the BHPC will meet next Wednesday. The subcommittees did not send out updates. 

CAT Update- Jesse advised that updates regarding Legislative priorities were addressed earlier.

Rogi addressed that she has concerns over community treatment by the library and grocery store. She has trouble dealing with loud noises and being yelled at due to post traumatic stress disorder. Rogi said the BH council should be the place for tolerance and acceptance. She feels that people often afraid because they don’t understand. Rogi addressed that she does not want to see people stigmatized by public officials due to gender identity issues and those that are not heterosexual. These people have the right to same care as all others in society. She would like to research workshops, etc about tolerance, reducing fear and hostility. Brenda asked if Marcia Prophet could get a copy of the Anti-stigma information to Rogi. She asked Emory about including this with Telemedicine. Rogi says she feels that she has been living in a closet and must be true to herself. Brenda says she supports and suggested getting with Marcia for anti-stigma information. 

Marcia Prophet passed out the consumer assessment tool, reporting that is a 40 question survey to find out what people know about behavioral health collaboratives. This is part of a grant mandate to help local collaboratives. They would like to come twice a year to do assessment and report back quarterly to report progress and see where challenges are. Brenda asked about the results of the last assessment. Marcia responded that there were not adequate enough numbers to make sense for data. They are trying to reorganize after losing personnel.  

Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm 
Minutes taken by-
Lisa Walraven
LC 10 Coordinator

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