Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are You a Consumer or Family Member?

Are You a Consumer or Family Member?
Get Involved With OptumHealth New Mexico

Wellness. Health. Hope. Everyone has a different way to get there. And everyone has skills, gifts, and ideas to help make the system better. OptumHealth has been selected as the new Statewide Entity, effective July 1. We want to ensure that our efforts truly support recovery and resiliency and move the system forward. Here’s how you can help. Take a look at the needs listed below and fill out the form on the back. Or, contact us at and let us know how you would like to be involved or if you have questions. We will get right back to you with more information.
Become a Peer/Family Member Messenger

Are you good at sharing information? Help people learn about what will change and what will stay the same as OptumHealth becomes the SE. For the next two months, we need 50 people to work as paid peer/family member messengers.
Write Articles for the Web

If you’re a writer, this is for you. We need ten people to write for our Web site, in 8 to 10 short (500 words) articles. Payment is a small fee.
Enter the Consumer/Family Art Contest

Help us stay focused on you. We’d like to use your artwork in our five New Mexico offices, on our Web sites, and in our training materials. So we’re holding an art contest – with prizes.

Find out more starting March 1 at or check the box on the back to receive more info.
Help Design Staff Training

You can have a say in how we train our staff. Or review training programs designed by others. We need six people with training experience. Payment is a small fee.
Help Design Provider Training

Help train providers and review our training programs. We need six people with training experience, and at least one person with developmental disability experience. Payment is a small fee.
Build our Quality Plan

You know what quality looks like better than anyone else. So we want your input. Involvement includes reading materials and giving feedback, including taking part in a few conference calls.
Make our Cultural Competency Program Better

We want to understand and interact well with the people of New Mexico. So tell us: are we getting it right? Involvement includes reading materials and giving feedback, including taking part in a few conference calls.
Review our Grievance Program and Policies

If someone has a complaint, is the process user-friendly? Does it meet state and national requirements? We need your feedback. Involvement includes reading materials and taking part in a few conference calls.
Build Programs and Track Our Progress

Help build and track the progress of each program. At least 51% of each committee will be made up of people like you. Interested? We’ll help match your skills and experience to the right committee, from Regional and State Quality Councils to our Consumer/Youth/Family Advisory Committee.

Be Part of Your Regional Education Needs Assessment and Evaluation Teams

When people are educated, they feel powerful. Everyone’s needs are different, based on where they live and what they find most helpful. Study those needs on a regional team. Then tell the Consumer/ Youth/ Family Advisory Committee how we can meet those needs.
Join a Developmental Disabilities Technical Assistance Team

If you or a family member is living with a developmental disability, we need you. What are the best treatments? What programs really work? How can administrators help? Work with providers to answer these and other questions.
Share Your Recovery Success Story

Your personal story can inspire others. Share your journey and you may be chosen to be a star in an online “Story of Hope.”
Become a Blogger or Host a Message Board

Your daily or weekly thoughts about recovery can help others cope. Our web site will include message boards and blogs about recovery. Be a guest host and help keep the boards lively and personal. We’ll help you get started; all you need is Internet access.

Email us from the Contact page at and we will get back to you with answers.

Some projects begin soon. Others start in a few weeks or months. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us right away.

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