Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Brainstorm" airs tonight. Why's that important?

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Let me explain why this is so validating for me.

The show it airs on is called, "Arts and Ideas Radio." It's produced by Jay Allison.

Who's Jay Allison?

Ever listen to "This I Believe" on NPR on Sundays? That's Jay Allison.

Ever hear of Atlantic Public Media? That's Jay Allison.

Ever hear of WCAI & WNAN? Jay Allison is a founder of both stations.

Ever hear of (the FIRST website to ever win a Pulitzer)? That's Jay Allison.

Ever hear of ? That's Jay Allison.

Ever hear of "Nightline?" The real one, with Ted Koppel? That's Jay Allison.

You cut this guy, he bleeds documentaries and diodes.

He picked out "Brainstorm" from a SLEW of independently produced pieces (by people with far more experience, education, productions, connections and polish than I) over on PRX, where "Brainstorm" is listed.

Jay Allison picked something I produced to air on his show. He picked something I care about deeply, that affects me, personally, to air on his program.

I can't think of better validation, except that Paul Ingles has supported it -- and me -- enough to encourage me to offer it on PRX.

This is the biggest thing that's ever happened to me as a radio producer. It means I'm swimming in the deep end now.

Rogi Riverstone

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