Monday, February 16, 2009


I got to thinking: maybe a blog would be more flexible than a conventional list serv, as each of us can post articles, as well as giving comments to posts.

And we can each decide whether or not we choose to receive email notification that new things are posted here, or just visit the blog at our own convenience.

In addition, we can post video, photos, audio and links here, to create an archive of available items of interest. We can go back more easily and access these, without going through fifty thousand old emails, since they'll be categorized, easy to access, by topic.
Please email me info about any calendar events you'd like me to post on the side bar.

Email me, so you can create content for this blog.
There will be a little, orange link, "Subscribe to: Posts(Atom) at the bottom of this blog, where you can sign up for email notifications of new posts and/or comments to posts.

I'm setting this up so that anybody can comment on posts. I'll approve comments. I won't edit them. Everybody will be allowed to comment who is active in any aspect of BHPC. Any spam, harassment by abusive strangers, etc. will be things I'll not approve as comments.

I STRONGLY advise that you DO NOT publish personally-identifying information about yourself (or others, without their knowledge and consent) in this blog! Dates of birth, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, addresses, children's personal info, etc. will all be visible to anybody on the 'web. Just keep it in mind.

If a meeting or event is to be held at a private home or property -- rather than our usual meeting places, just say, "John Doe's house," and request that people comment to the blog post, if they need directions.

Any thoughts, suggestions, available resources, etc. would be appreciated.

Also: I could sure use an accurate description of LC10 to place in the "About Me" section of this blog!



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