Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HOMEWORK: Answer these questions -- FAST!

I have a quick favor... I am being asked on very short notice to
report answer to the following local question next Wednesday for our
LC. Can you send the following out and get me the replies by Monday?

Dear BHPC members,

At the 2/25 BHPC meeting, Linda Roebuck will be addressing concerns
from LCs regarding the single entity transition. To that end, we ask
that you
? ask your LCs the following question,
? summarize their responses, and
? report your findings to Linda during her presentation to the
council next week.

Question: Has anybody experienced changes in how services have been
provided or accessed in the last 4 months?

This is a quick turn around request and we ask that you do the best
that you can do. Ask your LC leads or the LC CATs to help you.

Also attached is the agenda for next week’s BHPC meeting

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