Friday, February 27, 2009

Under Age Drinking

Time Sensitive Alert

Ask That SB 514 and SB 665 Be Scheduled Without Further Delay

We are at the point in the session where your advocacy is crucial. The
liquor industry is well represented but as an advocate and
constituent, you
have the opportunity to counter their rhetoric with factual

As a witness to the catastrophic effects of underage drinking.

The bills listed below have yet to be put on their respective
agenda. Please call, write or visit the appropriate chairperson
below), ask them to please schedule these two bills.

Who: YOU. As a constituent or concerned advocate, you have influence.
the committee chair and members know your position and experiences
Underage Drinking in the State of New Mexico and ask that bills SB
514 and
SB 665 be scheduled without further delay.

Get youth involved - legislators respond to youth and their
perspective. (A
youth should include their age and school affiliation in their


  Bill #
  Link to Chair Info

  SB 514
  Limiting Alcohol Advertising Near Youth Act

  Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC)
  Senators Cisco McSorley - (D) Chair and Richard C. Martinez -
(D) Vice

  SB 665
  Malt Beverages As Spirituous Liquor

  Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee (SCORC)
  Senators Phil A. Griego Chair and Lynda M. Lovejoy Vice Chair

When: NOW is the time. Today, tomorrow and in the days ahead.

How: Letters To The Editor are an underutilized tool - increase
exposure by
writing to your local newspaper AND the newspapers most of our
are reading while in Santa Fe.

Let your community know why you care about underage drinking and how
impacts your community. Be specific.ask that the meetings be

  The New Mexican
  Albuquerque Journal and SF Journal North

SPF SIG Project Coordinator


PO Box 10244

Santa Fe NM 87504

505 231 2252 cell

505 982 6230 home office

LgGiuffra at

Santa Fe County, where no one drinks alcohol before the age of 21,

Where adults model low risk use, and no one drinks and drives.

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