Sunday, June 21, 2009

Need BHPC LC 10 minutes

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KUNM-FM Mail Rogi Riverstone

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Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 9:25 PM

Having heard of the monumental decisions discussed at the last BHPC meeting in my absence, I demand not only minutes of the meeting, but the entire taped recording of events.

I want them as early this week as possible, preferably by Tuesday.

I also want contact email addresses for all BHPC LCs in the state of New Mexico -- PARTICULARLY those of consumers or family members that are available to other BHPC participants. I also require contact email information for State BHPC officials; I will need to ask them some specific and serious questions about BHPC operations and decision-making procedures.

I need a copy of any rules, regulations, laws, bylaws, protocols, voting procedures, meeting procedures the constitution of quorums and or majority voting requirements, decision-making methods and any other types of legal activities that constitute decision making for BHPC LCs. If I have inadvertently excluded a more appropriate word, term, definition or concept in my request, it is to be inferred that I want those included for me to study, as well.

In addition, I want a copy of this and last years' budgets, INCLUDING costs for: postage and shipping, meals and snacks, serving supplies, office supplies, pagers, cell phones, land lines, long distance telephony, internet, fax, and any other forms of communications, wages and any other miscellaneous expenses. If BHPC LC 10 spent its budget on it, I want to know what it was, how much was spent and why.

I want to know the names Jesse Chaves mentioned that "should" be invited to our meetings, how he -- as an outsider to our community -- got those particular names and WHY HE MENTIONED THOSE IN PARTICULAR. I want to know why Jesse Chaves is recommending a particular gas station and a particular retail outlet, and the logic behind these.

I have a right to this information as an active participant in BHPC LC10, and I have a right to receive this information in a timely fashion.

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